About The Film

Unteachable (formerly known as Intuition) is about rekindling the love for learning.intuition_still-1_ms-meixi-with-3-students

Meixi Ng, a young woman who grew up in a country where grades define self-worth for many, is on a mission to transform learning in classrooms. She challenges teenagers deemed “unteachable” by society to rekindle their natural love for learning.

Convinced that the best way to master a subject is to take ownership of both learning and teaching, Meixi introduces Tutoriá (Tutorial Relationships) into Singapore classrooms. Originally from Mexico, Tutoriá redefines everything students and teachers think they know about learning in school.

Will this be a passing phase or a game-changer? How will this deviation from the norm impact the lives of these students, their teachers, and beyond?

Unteachable is a never-before-seen insight into the lives of teenagers on the margins and their teachers who labour tirelessly to help them thrive against the odds.

A Singapore story with global implications. Join us on this journey back to the heart of learning.

Unteachable has been made possible with support from:

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One thought on “About The Film

  1. Congratulations Shuling! I can’t wait to see this wonderful documentary.

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