It Takes A Village

shuling-and-lisa-on-setWhen we started this documentary film journey back in 2013, we were armed with nothing but a camera, passion, and the determination to get Meixi and her students’ stories told.

It’s been a huge labour of love so far, with us juggling film shoots with earning a living so we can keep putting food on the table. Through the years, we’ve captured over 75 hours of footage and witnessed our teenage protagonists grow up right before our eyes. We’ve met with dozens of educators, teachers and parents for both feedback and support. And we’ve put hours into applying for as many grants and lab programs as we could.

Join The Movement

Today, our vision for Unteachable, and its potential to touch lives is clearer than ever. We have exciting plans for how the film can be used as a powerful tool to help students, teachers and parents.

While our energy and spirits have kept us going so far, the truth is, we need your help to take Unteachable across the finish line. Our next goal is to raise funds to finish editing the film.

Together, we can get this film made. Will you pitch in today?

With gratitude,
Shuling, Lisa and the Unteachable team